Our basic principles for the InterNet Design

Who visits your InterNet sides, needs information - no games! Our Web Design orients itself therefore primarily at the usability - beauty is means for the purpose and not self purpose:

1. Speed

  • No „Intro“ animations lasting several minutes with likewise-long load times,
  • Their customers are not to click unnerved to the next offerer
  • Since pictures and diagrams cost transmission time, we use them purposefully - for the representation of articles and procedures or as optical emphases.
  • We test all provided InterNet appearances with low speed - the HighSpeed DSL oriented load times of the favorites of the last German InterNet Design Award are not ours!

2. Clarity

  • Our InterNet sides are clearly arranged. No disorder from links, texts and pictures - everything, where it belongs from the logic.
  • The texts provided by us reduce we to the substantial, compellingly necessary long explanations we place to lower levels or offer downloads.
  • Tables of contents and menu options appear, where the visitor is used to them from other InterNet sides expected and:
    I.e. above or on the left side

3. Structure

  • Our InterNet appearances avoids endless nestings - each visitor is to always know, where he is.
  • If the operational readiness level is too large, we use internal search functions, in order to secure for the visitor the direct access to its desired topic.

- InterNet Design with principles - for your success -

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